King Rosé

September 7, 2018

MANKAS CORNER — Roger and his crew are picking one ton of his estate zin for us at dawn this morning. The fruit grows in the Suisun Valley appellation, which has been referred to as a mini Napa Valley, just one mountain range over to the east of Napa. We’ve been buying fruit from Roger’s Suisun Valley vineyards off and on again since our first year in 2002. Roger King is the mad genius of this grape growing in the region. It’s conceivable that there may be better farmers here. But not with Roger’s creative insights and his visceral connection to the land and the forces of man and nature. Plus he cusses like a sailer, and seems to know all the pertinent gossip and natural history around here. So that a morning spent walking the vine rows can quickly bring you to speed on local knowledge.

The three man crew is making short work of this one ton pick. Roger will drive it the one hour north to Calistoga where we plan to press it later this afternoon. The next time we are down here it will be to pick the Zinfandel for red wine. Hopefully another week to ten days from now.

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