What’s To Come

Version 2What’s to come–late nights, head lamps, and wet socks. Jon Jones owning the long day cleanup rally.

September 6, 2018

CALISTOGA — We are nowhere near the point in harvest when this photo makes sense. But it is always in our minds. This morning though? Nothing to say yet really. 6am wakeup call. First cup of coffee brewing. Plan today is to endure another 7 plus tons of painfully slow Sauvignon Blanc pressing. Brix results yesterday on the fresh pressed juice indicated that we had properly characterized the state of the vineyard and in the end got the ripeness we were looking for. Which is always a relief and an important verification of our sampling techniques. It’s nice to be able to have faith in the notion that the relatively small number of grapes you tasted and sampled in the vineyard can accurately represent the vineyard as a whole. It also helps when the fruit just tastes really good and you find yourself eating a lot of grapes during the course of the day.


2 thoughts on “What’s To Come

  1. Ted, Thank you for creating your blog. As an aspiring winemaker currently not located in the Napa Valley, I definitely appreciate your detailed commentary on what is happening in Wine Country!

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